Steve Donaghy

.net Technical Lead and nerd



Hi, I'm Steve.

My first experience tinkering with technology was probably when I reprogrammed the Satellite receiver to receive additional channels. My Dad was furious when he caught me, but he soon got over it when he realised just how many more channels there were. I was 8 at the time.

It was inevitable that I'd go on to tinker with real computers, figuring out what makes them tick and before you know it I'm a developer.

Soon I'd go on to make my mark designing software for testing Chip & Pin devices; large multi-million £ e-commerce sites and even the odd dev-talk.

You'd think I'd stop there, but no, the Internet of Things happened so when I'm not working, I'm busy trying to get my vacuum cleaner to talk to my cat-flap (No, really).

I don't just like technology, I absolutely ❤ it. There's probably something wrong with me.


  • Technology
  • Development
  • Gaming
  • Baking
  • Cats


  • BSc Computer Games Technology, 209

    Liverpool John Moore's University


Programming Languages

C++/CLI, C#, VB.net, Powershell, Bash, Javascript

Markup Languages



.net 4.8, asp.net, Entity Framework, .net core 3.1+, Windows Forms, Xamarin


Azure, AWS


CI/CD, Release Management, Azure Devops (VSTS), ELK stack, Prometheus


Docker, Kubernetes


Home Assistant, Z-Wave, Zigbee

Everything else…

Jira, Confluence, git, PlantUML



Technical Lead


Jul 2019 – Present Birchwood
The Technical Lead role at Vaultex involved managing a team of developers, coordinating with testers, product owners, BA's and other business stakeholders.

  • Rebuilt a team from the ground up.
  • Coached and mentored Junior, Mid and Senior developers.
  • Adopted several legacy projects with zero documentation.
  • Built CI/CD pipelines for said legacy projects.
  • Instrumental in the “Path to Live” project to put development standards in place across several teams.

Technical Architect

The Lead Agency

Mar 2019 – Jun 2019 Liverpool
The Technical Architect role was created to take responsibility for system architecture, code quality and development process across the TLA development teams.

  • Managing, coaching and training team members of all levels.
  • Systems architecture, ensuring all future designs are consistent in approach and quality.
  • Technology Selection, including ownership of the Tech Radar.
  • Promoting self-improvement, such as via brown bag lunches.
  • Line Management of all intern and junior staff within the busines, mentoring them and teaching them good practices.

Engagement Team Manager

The Lead Agency

Jul 2017 – Mar 2019 Liverpool
The engagement team was tasked with building and maintaining user-facing sites like Carkeys.co.uk, and askaprice.com, as well as the publisher systems, marketing systems, property valuation tools and more.

  • Managing, coaching and training team members of all levels.
  • Building, architecting and delivering major projects using a variety of cutting edge. technology, such as Containers, Machine-Learning etc.
  • Organizing and running open days and giving presentations to local tech groups, extending the brand awareness of the company.
  • Deprecating older legacy tech in favour of modern solutions using Umbraco, rearchitecting our cloud approach and migrating from on-premise TFS to VSTS (Now Azure DevOps).

Senior Developer


Oct 2016 – Jul 2017 Liverpool
  • Working on major client sites, such as Virgin Trains East Coast (now LNER) and Childline.
  • Heavy use of asp.net 4.5
  • Dealing directly with clients to scope out existing and future work.
  • Tying into CRM systems, such as Dymanics
  • Tying into contact systems such as Genesys

Development Team Manager

ICC Solutions

Jul 2011 – Sep 2016 Liverpool
Responsibilities include:

  • Updating, supporting and maintaining software solutions and new systems.
  • Provided systems maintenance and support.
  • Guided developers to employ better working practices; clean up our stagnant codebase; work together more efficiently and implement the systems required to manage all of the above.
  • Using legacy applications written in C++ with MFC all the way up to various .net programs written in VB.net, C# and C++/CLI.
  • Migrated the code base from SVN to git; Set up continuous integration using TFS Set up an internal issue tracking system (JIRA) and put processes in place for agile development workflows (including spearheading the introduction of a QA team/process); Set up an internal documentation system (Confluence); Created file upload portal using NancyFx with Razor views and RESTful backend systems using ASP.net core and MVC 6; Merged previously-forked codebases into a singular codebase, then began migrating fragmented codebases to a consistent codebase built with C# using an N-tier architectural design.


bcrypt.net Core

At the release of .net core 1.0, there was no way to trivially use bcrypt password hashing. A .net library existed, but it had been abandoned by the author.

I took it upon myself to port this library to .net core. I have been maintaining it ever since and it is currently the most popular bcrypt library for .net core!


  • Liverpool, Merseyside